Climate controlled faith!

Soul Snack 9/221 ... Climate controlled faith!


Climate control is a hot topic for both science and cars these days. It's all about temperature.

Glide into that new car on the lot, set the inside temperature and forget the outside temperature - enjoy the comfort BUT don't leave the car. (Hmm sounds so attractive as I write this on a very hot summer's afternoon.)

Blaise Pascal said ... 'God made man in His image and we have returned the compliment.'

The problem is that man can't create a God bigger than himself. His mind is still as finite as his actions.

There definitely is a man made messiah that I can create!

Whether I choose the Jesus of prosperity or the Jesus of the poor, it is far from likely that I will choose a Jesus that will disturb my comfort.

A messiah made in my image doesn't chasten, threaten or even stir me. Such a messiah is simply the subject of my climate control. He is not permitted to disturb my settings, and I have set His default settings to my comfort.

Such a Jesus surely is Lord of my assent, but rarely Lord of my actions!

My man made messiah can be no messiah at all.

Jesus is either Lord of all or not at all!

" ... Simon Peter answered, "You are the Christ, the Son of the living God." Mt 16:16

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