The Word Whisperer

Soul Snack 189/12 ...The Word Whisperer

Dust furled high above the rustic fencing rails, whipped up by savage hoofs now squarely aimed at their trainer. This traumatised stallion would submit to no restraint. He had suffered too long and too painfully at the hands of previous masters.

In 1810 Daniel (the horse whisperer) Sullivan died. This Irish rehabilitator of horses would pacify the most violent and difficult of horses. Into their distress and trauma he would whisper. Through his whispering they would find a peace-laden gentleness.

Elijah's life was under a dire death threat from Queen Jezebel, his entire being collapsed after the glorious victory over Baal. A traumatised Elijah had travelled forty days and nights to Mt Sinai. (Sadness can often lead to solitude.)

Into Elijah's solitude, amidst his distress, God softly enters. He arrives with neither cataclysm nor shouting. (God does need to be loud when He has your attention). God arrives and gently whispers to Elijah. This is how God approaches His own who are attentive to Him. God chooses to speak to you when you can easily hear Him.

After the earthquake came a fire, but the LORD was not in the fire. And after the fire came a gentle whisper. (1 Kings 19:12)

Into your distress heaven will whisper well-being into your soul. Into your distress He softly voices His refreshing goodness. God will not shout to your saddened soul, instead He'll gently affirm it.

The world may have worn you out, stop and enjoy the whispering warmth from Heaven.

Today’s Soul Snippet:
Jesus turns bruising into blessing.