The Price of Poverty

Soul Snack 24/11 ... The Price of Poverty

Rampaging within the indulgent and the self-consumed is a rich human spirit. This spirit holds the promise of satisfaction and grand self-determination. It commands allegiance and promises well-being.

All fall for the spirit of self. The absence of early self-constraint and the pride of self-assertion marshal the inner forces of self-trust such that the very soul is claimed.

Yet riding as cosmic calvary the Holy Spirit of Jesus enters and invites a poor spirit. A spirit no longer rich in the purpose of self, but now poor at self promotion and humble in self-reflection

The command from the upper room to do as I have done requires a personal acquiescence -- a self-effacing spirit that can only be rescued by the Cross.

The price of poverty is self-death.

To all those who claim Jesus as Lord, submission of self is not an option box to tick on a life questionnaire.

This radical regard of Heaven also requires a radical response from me.

In the same way, those of you who do not give up everything you have cannot be my disciples. (Lk 14:33)