Arrested Faith

Soul Snack 9/30 ... Arrested Faith

Loomimg menacingly across Jesus now is the spectre of the Cross. Gethsemane is complete.

Under armed guard, an arrested Jesus continues to submit to His Father's will.

There is a scantily clad young man following the escorted Jesus.

A young man, wearing nothing but a linen garment, was following Jesus. When they seized him, he fled naked, leaving his garment behind. Mark 14:51-52

Jesus has already been deserted by His followers (v50). Peter would very soon deny Jesus too (v53ff). What a curiosity it must have been to any onlooker for this anonymous poorly clad male to still follow Jesus.

As Jesus is recklessly pummelled along the cold early morning streets, this 'other' is challenged. He clearly does not have much, not even a name - but he does follow until it becomes difficult.

Seized and shaken by Jesus' guards he flees losing his all in the flight. Naked he now runs.

It does not take much to follow Jesus, but to flee Him is to lose absolutely all.

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PS ... ever since Eden (Gen 3), nakedness has been an indicator of God's judgement on mankind .. see Is 47:3, Ez 16:37 & Nahum 3:5