God's Property

Soul Snack 111/13 ... God's Property

There is a divine claim, indeed ownership against my life that I still fail to comprehend. (I anoint myself with the salve that I am not alone.) Jesus' lien over me is deeper than the oceans and stronger than the tides; it is higher than the mountain peaks and wider than the skies. This debt was nailed to middle-eastern lumber two millennia ago and was delivered at my birth.

The claims of the Cross continue suspended over all lives to this day. They are above all and for all; yet in pride they aren't seen and in possessions they are lost.

It is in the soul Jesus' claims can be entertained but it is in the spirit they are submitted to - only then will the flesh follow.

Jesus died for possession of me not just friendship with me.

Jesus' claims are not for partnership but ownership.

Each disciple must be available to be nailable.

"...who is he who will devote himself to be close to me?” declares the Lord. (Jer 30:21b)

Today's Soul Snippet:

"Let us give according to our incomes lest God make our incomes match our gifts." ~ anon

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