Becalmed Faith ~ A

Soul Snack 153/13 ...Becalmed Faith ~ A

Our churches are full of monsters, specimens of arrested growth, dwarfs, who have scarcely grown since they were babes, infants in all their lives. ~ Andrew MacLaren

Whether Andrew MacLaren has overstated his case can be debated, but the above sentence is at least stirring.

The evangelical Christian church has become its own victim, assailed by both its excesses and successes. For too long it has offered a soft-serve faith of academic beliefs, diluted with few demands for righteousness but many for work. It preaches Calvinism but lives Catholicism.

Pulpits that only bleat God is love descend into tolerance and easy-believism.

Pulpits have birthed theologians with full but dull heads and unchanged hearts. Theology does not deliver disciples but troubles do.

Pulpits that preach what itching ears wish to hear will only empty gothic buildings and fill hell.

Faith has been stolen by knowledge, and commitment robbed by comfort.

A horrid cross must point to soulful reflections and the hardest of demands.

Complacency is danger to both Christ and Christians. A paper faith withstands few storms.

Authentic and mature faith thirsts for righteousness, listens for His call, bends the knees, denies self daily and takes no prisoners.

Anyone who lives on milk, being still an infant, is not acquainted with the teaching about righteousness. (Hebs 5:13)

Today's Soul Snippet:

"Faith that is going to be trusted is going to be tested." ~ Leonard Ravenhill

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