Becalmed Faith ~ B

Soul Snack 154/13 ... Becalmed Faith ~ B

"Too many Christians grow old but never grow up." (Anon.)

A faith that refuses to mature, that neither steps out of the boat nor peers into darkness has been becalmed. Where there is sight there is no faith, for the two cannot coexist.

We set our sails too regularly from the breath of the pulpit or by the opinion of brothers. Theology forms our thoughts and guards our hearts to the detriment of stepping into darkness or catching the wind of the Spirit.

A faith that sets no sails can never clasp the breath of the Holy Spirit or see where He moves.

We simply go along with the many 'musts' and 'oughts' that have been handed on to us, and we live as if they were authentic translations of the Gospel of our Lord. (Henri Nouwen) Yet 'musts' and 'oughts' are never the language of love, or found within the definition of grace.

Men of an unsettled faith, lovers of the Lord are not lost to the dire significance of Calvary. These men have not forgotten they serve He who holds the power of the second death. The second death is without measure or escape.

But I will show you whom you should fear: Fear him who, after your body has been killed, has authority to throw you into hell. Yes, I tell you, fear him. (Lk 12:5)

Humble servants of a wind-driven faith are rigorous with themselves, while they care little for lights and  baubles. Their devotion is devoted, never hurried or excused. Each fearfully and securely knows God alone as his keeper.

Today's Soul Snippet:

At Calvary the world turned its back on Jesus, but He did not return the favor.

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