Becalmed Faith ~ C

Soul Snack 155/13 ... Becalmed Faith - C

An increasing spiritual maturity is an attainable goal, not a constantly receding mirage. ~ J.O.Saunders

How many sail the Christian life desiring maturity and even the burdens this brings?

The mature Christian man enjoys a re-positioned faith, he:

  • walks a path too few walk
  • is trained in righteousness to distinguish good from evil
  • sees his sin but not another's
  • permits suffering and doesn't flee for he knows this produces obedience
  • desires little the earth has to offer and receives contentment from less
  • dies to self for he knows if he does not die he cannot reproduce
  • searches the Scriptures until he lives in them, daily lifting a well worn Bible so he won't be
  • knows God sees when he takes glory
  • knows the Bible has living depth that correct exegesis can never plumb
  • knows open hearts are found sitting at Jesus' feet
  • knows souls are repaired in silence
  • knows prosperity does not make you God proof but is His gift
  • knows knowledge will cease but love endures
  • is without letters, skills or acclaim that he will claim
  • wears torn knees with patched trousers
  • finds joy in precious, safe anonymity and
  • lives for an audience of one as he longs for a better country.

Instead, they were longing for a better country—a heavenly one. Therefore God is not ashamed to be called their God, for he has prepared a city for them. (Hebs 11:16)

Such a man knows no becalmed faith, entertains no compromise and still waits upon the Lord. The only appointment he considers is with Jesus.

He is pursuing no mirage. Each morning, each day, he sets his sail kneeling alone beside his bed, for yet again his eyes are cast low but his heart dependently high.

Today's Soul Snippet:

Better to be on earth empty than in hell full.

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