A Ratbag to Reason ~ B

Soul Snack 180/13 ... A Ratbag to Reason ~ B

I am sure it is from God's extravagant mercy that I still don't hear voices in my head, BUT there are loud echoes of dis-ease from time to time.

Upon my knees I learn more than at my desk. Hands clasped tight in prayer open heaven and close the books.

Worn out knees learn to lean upon the spirit within, rather than the five senses without that deny an unseen universe.

Is it only the domain of the lunatic to bend daily in prayer, to empty the troubled heart or plead for torn souls to the invisible?

Faith and reason will always be competitors. They are the poorest of bed-partners until Jesus returns. Reason sucks the life out of faith. Reason whips faith with little mercy.

There is a mysterious God whose seat is amid clouds and darkness... who baffles human inquiry... (J.O. Hannay)

It is a fearful thing to live in ignorance to the secrets of the Kingdom of Heaven.

Yet to this day (and forever) I am going to choose for faith. There is a parallel universe, there are angels and demons and there IS the resurrection of the dead. There remain powers unknown and rules unwritten, there are secret things and deep things that defy human grasp and beggar understanding.

AND in the competition for the human soul, supernatural forgiveness for sins is still available and there IS a place justly called Paradise.

The Tree of Life has placed invisible faith within each and every man, but reason is the visible fruit from the Tree of Knowledge to suppress faith. Reason is not reasonable.

God has also set eternity in the human heart (Eccl 3:11)

Faith is the reasonable life of the unreasonable earth traveller.

Today's Soul Snippet:

"Faith is driving through life behind divine headlights that illumine good directions and actions that other lights can't reveal."

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