Jesus' Black Swan - A

Soul Snack 29/10 ... Jesus' Black Swan - A

To this very day treasures still lay on the ocean floor.

Project Black Swan on May 18th 2007 reported finding a 1/2 billion dollar treasure from an undisclosed wreck off southwestern England. This unidentified salvage site is in a well known area for wrecks, yet is still in international waters.

How often had these treasures been literally sailed over in the centuries since the sinking?

The ignorant can sail over riches, never aware that riches have been missed.

The faith of the ancients - Moses, Joshua or Elijah are so rarely repeated.

The faith of the moderns - John Wesley, Hudson Taylor or Billy Graham rarely re-considered.

Elijah would set water alight. Jesus would change water into wine, calm it and then also walk on it.

Faith can move mountains but modern faith can't even move itself.

Who will leave the alarm clock off and trust Jesus for the simple exercise of awakening each morning? Who would leave the alarm clock 'off'? After all, He gets the sun up each morning, surely you are so much easier.

How much of our lives are simply conducted sailing over treasure, unaware that what lies beneath us is of so much more value than even the ship we are sailing in?

Faith will look, and then step into the deep.

"Now faith is being sure of what we hope for and certain of what we do not see." (Hebs 11:1)

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