The only stress free exam

Soul Snack 137/10 ... The only stress free exam

Single-seated, timber tables chorus an unusual symmetry across the assembly hall's floor. With a most deliberate and equal balance all exam papers are placed with a compulsive attentiveness upside down upon all tables.

The examiner patiently awaits, casting his eyes across this vast hollowness he wonders and continues to wait.

Care for the absent students stirs within. There are no queues at the door, or panicked sentences feverishly being scribbled down.

The examiner's concern turns to worry. Their absence could well destroy their future he reasons. Surprisingly his cell phone rings. The ensuing conversation is short. He flips his phone closed and departs. Now he has complete understanding. No student is present because they have already passed.

The son of the Head of Studies had sat their exam instead and passed. He had secured the permanent future of these students.

In the exam that is life, righteousness is the only pass mark. The Head of Studies:

  • sets the exam,
  • gives the answers in His text -The Word,
  • sends the teacher - His Holy Spirit and then
  • sits His own test through His Son - Jesus the Christ, that I may pass it,
  • He then enquires of me - do I want Jesus' results or mine?

This exam has been carefully and deliberately set with just one question and no stress -

Whose results do I want Jesus' or mine?


But now that you have been set free from sin and have become slaves to God, the benefit you reap leads to holiness, and the result is eternal life. (Roms 6:22)


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