Paddle-steamer theology.

Soul Snack 55/10 ... Paddle-Steamer theology

Both regularly and mercilessly the wooden blades assailed the water as the paddle-steamers driving drum cycled around and around. Passengers watched the dance of the glistening splashes, mesmerised.

The boiling water between the blades would enjoy only a brief refief until the vessel had made its passage across that part of the river. Tortured droplets were thrown off each blade and consumed in the uncontrollable splashing around them.

Eighty passengers enjoyed the graces of yesteryear as the steamer slid down the mighty Murray River.

The 'pain' this water innocently endured from its blade beatings would quickly pass but the pleasure the passengers had gained would last a life-time.

In a world where the blades of a paddle-steamer's drum roll over my life, it can be both very hard, but very healthy to see that my fleeting pain could well be for another's eternal gain.

This is exactly what Jesus did for me.


"After the suffering of his soul,
       he will see the light of life and be satisfied ;
       by his knowledge my righteous servant will justify many,
       and he will bear their iniquities". (Is 53:11)

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