Garden brutality

Soul Snack 53/10 ... Garden brutality

I butchered a bush.

I don't know what type of bush it was but it blessed me with a most pleasing shower of yellow blossoms.

This bush had grown far too tall and completely obscured light entering my living room.

This bush was still only a bush. It was well over two meters tall but none of its branches were substantial.

Now to regular SoulSnack afficionados you know that I am no gardener, so I guess it is of no surprise that my pruning was both uneducated and ruthless. Nevertheless my goal was easliy achieved. Only fifteen minutes and a sharp pruning saw returned sunlight to my living room.

I became subsequently wiser as I examined the residual frail stumps, a grim reminder to my gardening skill.

All that was twelve months ago. I did not touch the bush again.

Now the bush is exactly the correct height. It's yellow flowers bless me afresh and it does not obscure light.

So what wisdom from this gardening brutality did I learn?

When I am patient and don't further intervene, no matter what I have done, God will still turn my butcherings into my blessings. 

God delights in 'making-up' my 'mess-ups.'

"Be still before the Lord an wait patiently for Him...." (Ps 37:7a)