Ruling God?

Soul Snack 95/13 ... Ruling God?

How different are God's ways from ours. He employed Pharoah's own daughter to succour the infant Moses, and a Balaam to utter one of His most remarkable prophecies. He used the jaw-bone of an ass in the hand of Samson to slay the Philistines, and a sling and stone to vanquish their champion.#

God engaged ravens to sustain Elijah and prophesied through hirsute desert dwellers.

He counselled through the mouth of an ass and spoke from a non-burning, burning bush.

Heaven gave birth through a virgin and also severed the cords of death.

My thoughts, my mind, my opinions or my study can never be sufficient to explain what is beyond the divine veil for...

The Lord is a law unto Himself.

If to question God is to provoke rebuke; to challenge God is to solicit destruction.

Not one can boast as a disciple until they obediently confess; God rules - I don't!

The Lord does whatever pleases him,
    in the heavens and on the earth,
    in the seas and all their depths. (Ps 135:6)

Today's Soul Snippet:

Every darkness has a Sonrise.

# Italics and inspiration from A.W.Pink ~ Elijah (Edinburgh, The Banner of Truth Trust, 1976) p15

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