Jesus at the wheel!

Soul Snack 9/189 ... Jesus @ the wheel!

Car crashes are as frequent as a politician in the news.

Traffic accumulates for miles as other uninvolved drivers 'rubber neck' the crash scene.

The curious and the indifferent survey the carnage alike, as they drive past at their snail's pace.

How many would actually care or 'feel' for those involved? How many would see sadness rather than shock or pray instead of peering?

But when Jesus drives by - He sees the sadness, feels their distress and knows fully the costs.

Wreckage need never be endured alone. It is never unfelt by Jesus who:

  • cries at their tears,
  • is sad at their distress and
  • hurts at their pain .... His heart aches when another's breaks!

In all their distress he too was distressed, and the angel of his presence saved them. In his love and mercy he redeemed them; he lifted them up and carried them ... Is 63:9