Turning pained hearts

Soul Snack 154/10 ... Turning pained hearts

The driving rain smashes on his windscreen, shattering all his immediate hopes and plans. Headlights helplessly pierce the storm-induced darkness.

The weather is as miserable outside the car, as his feelings are inside the car. The wipers bleat a relentless rhythm thumping his mind and assaulting his eyes. He is not in a good space.

With the surprise of a lightning strike, a grey kangaroo bounds into his left headlight. Swerving involuntarily he reels and wills the car to the right. His car crosses the road and immediately ceases progress, hood down and trunk up. Near vertical tail-lights are only a dim glow in the storm.

An air-bag releases, a windscreen splinters and a bruised head momentarily slumps across the steering wheel. The horn blares, the rain soaks and the wipers scream to swipe again. His stalled engine now mirrors his stalled life.

As he raises his aching head and dabs a tissue across each temple, intuitively he exclaims thank you Jesus. He knows a 'roo has passed before his car -- as his life has passed before his eyes, yet he is alive and almost well.

God sees life's crashes and deploys His angels, as the car deploys air-bags.

For he will command his angels concerning you to guard you in all your ways (Ps 91:11)

Crashing in life is not the end, but really the opportunity to see God at work again.

This crash turned a pained heart into a praising heart.

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