Heaven's fairy dust

Soul Snack 180/10 ... Heaven's fairy-dust

Without discrimination, fairy-dust is sprinkled upon lives of both travail and ease. Fairy dust is that magical littering of alchemy from another world. It is good-will from out-there.

The real issue with fairy-dust is identifying when it has been sprinkled. Many a toddler has squealed in delight in their real-imaginary world as a thespian parent rubs their fingers above this innocent's head. The child spins, giggles and steps with joy. There was no real dusting, but that is of no consequence to the child of delight.

So much good and so much joy is delivered unseen. In fact, I suspect this may be heaven's dust for life's well-being. It is called faith.

The fairy-dust of faith is upended from heaven to all who would desire to spin under it, giggle and step with joy. They will find delight.

No-one can see faith, but they can all see its happy out-workings.

Now faith is being sure of what we hope for and certain of what we do not see. (Hebs 11:1)

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