Jesus' clarity.

Soul Soul 8/10 ... Jesus' clarity.

I now enjoy a flat screen monitor. It is not large, so I have reclaimed valuable desk space.

It is new. I have set the color  to my liking. It also comes with two speakers (although I really don't know where they are). Consequently I have also adjusted the volume to my tastes.

It has a black frame and pedestal, this makes me happy.

But it also has a significant problem. No amount of adjusting its settings will ever provide a solution.

I have therefore recently learned that it is also most important to look at it from the correct angle/perspective.

Incorrect seating or standing position blurrs the colors and obscures the vision. It looks particularly poor if I don't have my glasses on. In such circumstances I want to return the monitor and claim warranty.

So the lesson I have now learned is that it is not the monitor at fault, but me. How I place myself before the monitor affects how I see it.

Surely that is why so many people still complain about Jesus. He is fine. He still works for me with a splendid love and undying devotion. I can believe ill of Jesus simply because I am not looking at Him correctly.

Does Jesus seem faded or blurry? He isn't!

Jesus said, "You have now seen him; in fact, he is the one speaking with you." Jn 9:37

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