God's Classroom

Soul Snack 8/87 ... God's Classroom

Classrooms are the domain of the needy.

Classrooms are the source of their future.

Classrooms are the home of the diligent and lazy alike, the seat of the willing and the joy of the thirsty.

The intelligent and the foolish receive instruction. Some will learn, some will lose.

My life is God's classroom for me. In my life I learn what I need to know of what He knows.

It is a perfectly individual tailored curriculum I receive. I need not share it with others, and I am the only one in this class. I always have the best seat and the teacher's absolutely undivided attention. All this is unique for me.

There is no spiritual Shakespeare, general maths or unencountered foreign languages to learn from God.

  • writes my curriculum,
  • teaches my curriculum,
  • observes my attentiveness,
  • rewards my responsiveness,
  • favours my diligence,
  • disciplines my lethargy and
  • gently corrects my homework.

He teaches me so that I can get life correct now, so that I may live His good perfect and pleasing will for me now. He teaches me so that I may enjoy Him forever.

This learning is so that I may finally graduate well and be eternally with Him.

God's personal instructions are perfectly accurate, terrifically timed but only humbly received.

God loves to teach the humble.

"This is the one I esteem:
he who is humble and contrite in spirit,
and trembles at my word." Isaiah 66:2b

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