Loud Love

Soul Snack 132/10 ... Loud Love

God whispers, but His love bellows.

Two millennia ago, a parched throat cried forgiveness and a tortured body spelled love:

Love is forgiveness given before it is asked for.

Love is the absence of self and the presence of another.

Love is looking into another's heart and only seeing light.

Love is the joy of presence and the sadness of absence.

Love is receiving the helping hand before you know it's needed.

Love is the glue in distress that prevents you from falling apart.

Love is the pioneer and perfecter of life.

Jesus' love screams through time, across all the disorders of life and feelings. Sadly it has to scream because the world wants to drown it out.

Let us fix our eyes on Jesus, the pioneer and perfecter of our faith ... (Hebs 12:2a)