Unearthly love

Soul Snack 96/10 ... Unearthly love

The display of unearthly love awaits all.

It is available to the seeker.

It is reached by the penitent.

It is found by the forgiven.

Unearthly love is both the construction and the bond of eternity.

It searches the inner-man. It seeks every man. It is withheld from no man.

Unearthly love means my sins of yesterday do not rule my today, nor become my fears of tomorrow.

Unearthly love is the grace for tomorrow, the comfort for today and His forgiveness that lasts forever.

No such love can ever arise from the things of earth, for it only ever (and) freely falls from the Seat of Heaven.

Unearthly love invites the frail, draws the weary and sustains the broken. In humility it is received and through it pride is removed. From it, mercy is enjoyed and sin is absolved.

Unearthly love is the glow of tomorrow, that brightens my today.

Unearthly love is heaven's smiles upon all my miles.

" ... for love comes from God." (1 John 4:7b)