Living and Loving!

Soul Snack 9/218 ... Living and Loving!

Usually my mind is mightily consumed by the simple facts of living and planning.

However in far more pensive moments, usually moments of solitude, my mind grinds ever so slowly towards the nature of loving.

Surely to be a person made in God's image indicates that the true nature of living is found in the nature of loving.

God is love! And, if the nature of living is revealed in loving - I can only win at life as I grasp the reality of God.

The supernatural still confounds and still draws me, beckoning me to understand and to draw close.

It is in the secret, uncluttered times of withdrawal and renewal that I grasp love; for it is only in the joy of stillness that I don't rush past God but know Him.

"Be still, and know that I am God ..." (Ps 46:10a)