The Kiss of Mercy

Soul Snack 62/10 ... The kiss of mercy

As mercy kissed her brokenness' she felt nourishment in her soul again.

A starvation diet of relentless recriminations and guilt-driven devotions had been her only panacea. This was so flawed and really no panacea at all.

The nurture of her soul found no good fodder in this self-whipping guilt. Lifeless devotions simply resounded in hollow ritual alone.

Needing to be lifted up, she wisely fell down. She searched for the security and comfort of an elusive, soft cradle.

Cradles are for those who have no cares in this world, save themselves!

Cradles are for those who are indulged with a 100% loving attention to each and every need.

Cradles are for those too helpless to know that they are helpless.

To those in cradles, arms are always outstretched. Now the all-reaching arms of Heaven sought this in-focussed soul of sadness. Penetrating the clouds and then penetrating her heart, mercy had begun its work.

In humble prayer she locked hands with Heaven. She had now moved from the cradle to the cross. Guilt was transformed to grace, and recriminations morphed to restoration. This is the kiss of mercy.


"... mercy triumphs over judgement." (James 2:13c)


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