New Wine ~ C

Soul Snack 219/13 ... New Wine ~ C

Now is the time that God corrects again the body of Christ. The Holy Spirit's breath is blowing upon a becalmed faith.

Christianity is yet to learn the impossible reconciliation of being grabbed by the world and the Word simultaneously.

Jesus' first miracle was to create new wine. He was and is in the 'new-wine creating business' for He does not change. In the creation of new wine Jesus sets the pattern His entire ministry. Jesus had not come to change or remove Judaism but to replace it with that which is better. He shows that the new wine is best. (An item also contrary to the world's values.)

Jesus changes the commonplace to the choice and the boring into the best. 

His disciples are invited to flee the religious practise of the old contemporary norms, if they are to enjoy the the delight of the new wine.

BUT ... Religious comfort is the enemy of the Holy Spirit's work.

Free yourself from the chains on your neck,... (Is 52:2)

To this very day Christ continues to create new wine.

Now is the time of liberation for religion's prisoners who mourn, groan and grieve.

Now is the time for the refreshing water of Holy Spirit truth.

Jesus began His ministry as He intended to finish it - yesterday's wine was stale and today's wine is fresh.

The best remains until last - how long until the Bride meets this cork-popping Groom?

Today's Soul Snippet:

"The Groom chooses to banquet while the Bride chooses to battle." (Quote from soulsupply's first book 'GREAT MERCY' arriving soon.)

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