The Nomad Heart

Soul Snack 199/10 ... The Nomad Heart

Cain killed Abel.

Cain was then cursed to wander and not receive rest upon the earth for the remainder of his life. I wonder if Cain was the first nomad. (Gen 4:12)

Where rest is absent, there is a soul ill at ease.

The seeking and the searching of the heart and soul can drive rest from the body.

The restless mind that circulates through various beliefs, changes world views and seeks an elusive satisfaction is a thought vagrant.

The mind that seeks and searches relentlessly is the expression of a heart absent of contentment.

The boundaries of faith thinking become blurred and the excesses of devotion may be explored.

But to those who would claim Christ as Lord, there is no room for a nomad heart.

A heart cupped with His love is secure. The heart sent ahead to heaven is safe.

Jesus cups His torn hands to warm worn hearts.

You will keep in perfect peace
those whose minds are steadfast,
because they trust in you. (Is 26:3)