God's Property

Soul Snack 117/12 ... God's Property

Some live within the sound of church,

or chapel bell.

I want to run a rescue shop,

within a yard of hell. ~ C.T.Studd

God has claims over my life that I consistently fail to comprehend. These are deeper than the oceans and stronger than the tides. They are higher than the mountain peaks and expand across the heavens. They were mercilessly nailed to middle-eastern lumber some two thousand years ago.

The claims of His cross remain suspended over my life and ALL lives to this very day and then forever.

They are above all bonds and brook no competitors. In pride they aren't seen, and in possessions they aren't found and greed they aren't heard..

Within the soul they are entertained, but it is from the spirit they are submitted to -- only then will the body and soul follow.

Jesus died for possession of me, not just companionship with me. Jesus' claims are not for partnership but ownership.

They are radical claims, from a radical death, that I may be His radical disciple.

You are not your own; you were bought at a price. (1 Cor 6:19-20)

Choose this day who you will serve but as for me and my household we will serve the Lord - Joshua

Today's Soul Snippet:

"Aim for heaven and God will throw in earth as well." ~ anon