Perfection upon earth?

Soul Snack 191/13 ... Perfection upon earth?

A certain elderly Christian man approached another and enquired,

I am indeed already dead unto the world.

But the other, grasping the danger in which he was, thus warned him,

Be not ever sure of yourself while you remain in the body. Although perhaps you may say 'I am dead to the world,' yet there is one who is by no means dead unto you - even your adversary the devil. Surely innumerable are his evil ways, and immeasurable is his craftiness.#


I was once instructed at a Christian College within a university on the subject of Ethics. I did not warm to this very much. The lecturer was a senior clergyman who blithely informed the lecture room that as age advances sin retreats. I had nary completed the course before hearing that he had commited adultery.

Maturity is no more a guarantor of sinlessness than satan is a senior to truth.

My dear old mom would oft quote Solomon's wisdom - Pride cometh before a fall.

Today's Soul Snippet:

"Prayer is not just the way TO life, but the way THROUGH life."

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#James O. Hannay, The Wisdom of the Desert ~ (Mesa Arizona, Scriptoria Books 2009), 84