Walmart praying

Soul Snack 101/10 ... Walmart prayer

Lovingly, Heaven gazed with saddened eyes from His throne. Struggle was her plight and Heaven knew that more approaching heartache was to be her routine lot.

Heaven's throne had long been under sustained prayerful assault from His daughter. Her carnal prayers simply reflected her inability to separate her heart from her head and her needs from her desires. Television was her instant panacea. This only fueled her shopping list prayers to seek refuge in the things of the world.

Heaven knew her pain was far more permanent than the delights she begged for. Heaven knew transitory relief only meant permanent distress. Heaven knew that she was still ignorant to the true delights that salve on earth and are eternal in heaven.

He loved her so much, He would not hurt her permanent joy for a transitory gain. He refused to give her the fading delights of the world. Such delights would compete with the eternal delight of knowing Him in Heaven.

Heaven will never give that which is a competitor to Him, no matter how fervent the prayer, how deep the pain, nor how gross the injustice.

It is only in delight of the Lord that true deliverance will be found.

Living with pain is always fleeting, living with the Father isn't.

Delight yourself in the Lord and He will give you the delights of your heart. (Ps 37:4)