Prayer's biggest barrier

Soul Snack 187/13 ~ Prayer's biggest barrier

Is the pavement to prayer littered with potholes of disbelief?

Is doubt the biggest barrier to praying?

Satan plants within each believer a distrust of prayer being effective, BUT we all know he is THE liar.

So that none of us will not fall under his deceits, let's fill in some potholes - here goes:

  • Prayer is the conduit for soul-searching; it is the fodder of a healthy spirit and the axe that cuts down the forests of sin.
  • Prayer is a saw to the logs in a believer's eye, an antidote to the poisons of flesh and a divine mirror to the heart.
  • Prayer is the scalpel to the soul where we must unsparingly judge whatever is evil in our lives and shelter in our hearts no rival to God - 'let not one of them escape'. (A.W.Pink)

Woe-betide he whose prayer life is shallow and his knees not wrinkled; long will his sin live and long will his vine remain barren.

The heart of repentance is a garden for the Lord to sow in, till and water. Such a heart is a vineyard for a large harvest season after season.

Prayer is the sowing of seeds in heaven for the bearing fruit on earth.

Today's Soul Snippet:

"Repentance is praying over yesterday to lighten today"

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