God's absence

Soul Snack 4/11 ... God's Absence

To the wilful, the proud, the self-made and the over-confident ...


Can you upturn the cup of judgement or fill the cup of peace?

Can you command the heavens to be open or capture the tears of the wounded?

Can you carve steps for the mountain goats or water the mighty forests?

Can you plummet to the depths of the oceans and describe its hidden creatures or

invade the vastness of space to map its eternal perimeter?


When have you outrun horses, explained the course of the universe

or understood the soul of the tortured?

When have you raised the sun for day-break, withheld the moon's beams

or impeded the tides?

When have you graced the mountain-tops with snow, painted your portrait across the skies

or drawn dunes in the desert?

When have you raised the downtrodden, caressed the crestfallen

or re-assembled the broken?


In your knowledge you are proud and you lift your heart claiming 'I can explain'.

The pride of your heart knows no constraint and finds no limits.

You understand your tomorrow by your yesterday, yet you still can't help yourself today.

You scream for peace and claim your rightful place, while inside you waste.

O foolish man, there is no rest apart from my presence and you are not there.


Though the LORD is on high, he looks upon the lowly,
but the proud he knows from afar. (Ps 138:6)

Today's Soul Snippet:

Solitude is God releasing the mind on earth to reach to the things above.