1st in Line

Soul Snack 38/13 ... 1st in Line

Has life unravelled as a kitten unrolls wool?

Is life as undone as the gaps in the back of a hospital gown?

Has life unwound as a marlin unwinds a spool?

The body may be weak, the spirit may be crushed but there is always a future when the knees are strong.

  • The more you pray the less you can lose.
  • The more you seek the Lord's face the brighter you will see it.
  • The more you wait upon the Lord the stronger you arise.
  • The more you empty your heart to the Lord the lighter your load.
  • The more you fill your time with the Lord the emptier your earthly desires become.
  • The more you thank the Lord the higher your thoughts ascend.
  • The more you praise the richer your prayers.
  • The more you give to the Lord the less you'll take from the world.

Wrap these around your neck as a warm scarf on a bitter day.

Bind these upon your legs as strapping should you stumble.

Sew these over your heart for they mend wounds.

The Lord turns no-one away. At no time does He tire nor does He grow weary of you.

REMEMBER ~ There are never any queues to approach Him, you are always first in line (even if your surname begins with a 'Z').

... whoever comes to me I will never drive away. (Jn 6:37)

Today's Soul Snippet:

“Those blessings are sweetest that are won with prayer and worn with thanks.” ― Thomas Goodwin