The Heart of His Heart

Soul Snack 167/11 ... The Heart of His Heart

Whether you are an alien to Him, an enemy of Him, or intimate with Him, His heart for you remains trustworthy and constant.

Your heart may well be shallow, certainly it is indulgently sinful, and no doubt it is bruised. These facts He will not hold against you.

If I am graced to understand with my head and to accept with my heart that the essence of the divine nature is compassion, then God is best defined by the heart of tenderness."#

Daily He maintains this tenderness with a costly effort. It soars across His cosmos as an uncontainable canopy of warm light. It shines over you and also desires to dwell refreshingly deep within you.

Daily this heart of tenderness aches for relationship with you. It draws you towards Himself and beckons intimacy. His tender heart for you, so eager to engage with you - this is the heart of His heart! Unending love and care for you is His core.

He thinks far more highly of you, than you might do. He will speak far more generously and gently to you than others have or will do. His unshakable desire is to call you and not crush you - to comfort you and not kick you.

In His arms you can recline and in His tenderness you can reside!

"I will refresh the weary and satisfy the faint." (Jer 31:25)

Today's Soul Snippet:

At the heart of Heaven is the heart of humans.

# P23 - The Wisdom of Tenderness - Brennan Manning, Pub = Harper, San Francisco 2004