Heart Raising - A

Soul Snack 89/11 ... Heart Raising - A

Could you pray this prayer?

Who asks you Lord  "how are you going"?

Who do you pour out your heart to?

Who ever thinks you receive troubles, feel distress and know sadness?

Who even reflects you still fight wars, your sons still die and once your home was attacked?

Who would consider that your name is constantly assailed, your character is consistently abused and your truth is rejected without fail?

Who realizes your love is spurned, your grace is denied and your mercy falls unaccepted?

Who sees your pierced palms and your inviting arms being routinely slapped away?

Who cares about what tears at your heart, what grieves your spirit and brings moisture to your your eyes?

Who looks to your interests and not theirs?

I would humbly like to ask that this may be me - but you alone know the truth of my heart. AMEN

For everyone looks out for his own interests, not those of Jesus Christ. (Phil 2:21)

Today's Soul Snippet:

Good feelings do not guarantee good actions.