God's Telephone Line

Soul Snack 9/20 ... God's Telephone Line

Steeped in the youthful Ozzie antiquity is "The Rocks".

"The Rocks" resides on spectacular Sydney Harbour, yet almost obscured by the Sydney Harbour Bridge and  the Overseas Passenger terminal.

The nations crowd "The Rocks".

Unparalled scenery, vertical Hawkesbury sandstone and an ambience unique to a convict founded nation draw both the visitor and local alike.

Nearly 250 years ago the globe was circumnavigated (albeit unwittingly) that the joy of "The Rocks" could be first found. Today this quest is replayed over, countless times each week.

Bright, energising and unique markets inhabit "The Rocks" each weekend. Colourful characters with even more colourful products hawk their wares for 3 days each week's end.

Reclining from a week of rushing, "The Rocks" seduces a brief foray for a simple restoration.

In one such recent foray I read boldly emblazoned upon a T Shirt for sale:

'I tried to phone god but the line was busy'.

Clever maybe - but not wise is this slogan.

Maybe the best response is, that the line was busy because He was already trying to contact you.

It is Jesus that has made Him known. Jesus is God's telephone line. He is the ONLY one who can connect us to heaven.

No one has ever seen God, but God the One and Only, who is at the Father's side, has made him known. John 1:18

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