Recovering Christ

Soul Snack 241/13 ... Recovering Christ

Christ has never been lost, but He is roundly ignored.

Jesus' absence from His birthday celebrations is only paralleled by His absence from the lives He would die for.

In the measure of a cosmic injustice, Jesus always wins.

Rejected at His birth, killed on His earth and removed from His birthday celebrations, the injustice is never corrected and annually multiplied.

Few hearts cherish Jesus, and fewer even remember Him on the day He jetted from paradise to travel among men. He would exchange a throne for a tree, and leave the cradle for the cross.

Christ is now alive and well in heaven again, yet He is slain upon earth. The western world enjoys His celebrations but not Him.

Refuse to leave Christ alone this Christmas, for He still is the waif in the barn, and the focus of murder.

Christ has not rejected you - reciprocate this Christmas (and then forever).

Today's Soul Snippet:

"Those who hope in the Lord will not be disappointed.(Is 49:23d)" #

#Michael Cartwright, GREAT MERCY ~ (Bloomington IN, WestBow Press, 2013), 88

Give the gift of an energised faith with these modern Christian parables this Christmas...

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