Release - A

Soul Snack 159/10 ... Release - A

My son carries dirt-bikes on my trailer. They are fastened in place vertically by ropes he is now adept at tying. The ropes are pulled very tight so as to compress some of the bike's suspension, causing the bike not to bounce around as the trailer encounters bumps. The tension the bike is placed under keeps it safe for the journey, but when the trip is completed and the ropes are released, it is literally free to regain its original manufacturer designed posture. The bike enjoys its release.

Would you like release from the crushing ropes of life, often placed upon you by another?

Do you want your future to invite you forward, rather than your past push you from behind?

Do you want to forget the restraints of the old?

Fears from the past can cripple the present and destroy the future.

The gracious hand of our Lord is upon you - He is the past-hiding God. He no longer holds the past of His loved ones against them, so why should they?

There is an eternal lake in heaven. This lake is where God deposits all our pasts and drowns all our sins. At very regular intervals surrounding His lake He has deliberately placed NO FISHING signs. He retrieves no sin.

Therefore, there is now no condemnation for those who are in Christ Jesus (Roms 8:1)


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