The Death of God

Soul Snack 175/10 ... The Death of God

I envisage a judgmental, seated circle of white togas, dusty and sandalled feet, under balding grey heads. Jesus stands in their midst. This kangaroo court of incompetence acquiesces in its duty of justice to pass the defendant into the hands of the spineless.

Then the whole assembly rose and led him off to Pilate. (Lk 23:1)

Now an unrighteous man is asked by the unrighteous to make a decision about the most righteous man in all history.

The governing Pilate met an innocent Jesus. Three times Pilate endeavoured to release Jesus and not take this innocent life. And yet he fails.

Tormented by an unruly crowd, Pilate acceded and crucified God. Tortured in mind, body and spirit, God was released by humans to death.

The righteous are opposed, lied about, punished and even killed.

There is a limit this world has to the pursuing of righteousness, Pilate lived this fact and Jesus died for this fact.

Yet, Jesus lived under no such limit and neither will those who follow Him.