Becalmed Faith ~ D

Soul Snack 163/13 ... Becalmed Faith ~ D

The rigging hangs loose, the mast is not secure and the sail is not spread. This ship is motionless, unprepared to catch even a whisper of breeze. The boom is limp, the crew are asleep or absent and the harbor is without a ripple. Untold varieties of healthy fish glide by in their unexamined harbor. The fish are as secure and comfortable as the crew of the ship. Neither can recognize danger nor even believe in threats. Neither knows storms.

This ancient vessel built to conquer the seas has done exactly that. Its maritime successes are as legendary as its lethargy is contemporary. Blinded by the victories of the past its future is hidden in history and can grasp no fresh tomorrow. Should a storm blow-up outside the harbor, the ship remains safe, should a wind rise it cannot move. Lifeless, listless and lazy it has little to offer except an unhealthy ease for those who have done with sailing and are blind to danger.

God's denominational church is the ship. It has sailed well, won many victories, fished extensively offshore and crossed the seven seas, but it is presently and desperately becalmed. Its Christian faith now rests upon laurels and not the Lord. Prayer and then plans to catch new winds, to seek new fishing grounds and raise the sails again are never discussed. It refuses to weigh anchor let alone depart its historical berthing. (In fact it doesn't even drop a line into its harbor anymore.)

However when the Son of Man comes will He find faith on earth? (Lk 18:8b)

Today I don't want to be part of where Jesus has sailed, I want to be part of where He is sailing.

Today's Soul Snippet:

"Prayer is standing in the presence of God with the mind in the heart." ~ Henri Nouwen.

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