Inspired Security

Soul Snack 33/13 ... Inspired Security#

I raise my eyes to the heavens,

For this is where my help comes from -

From He who loves me more than life itself.


He does not slumber, nor doze nor sleep,

My interests and well-being are His constant attention,

He rouses a garrison of His angels as my escort.


The Lord watches over me,

I am in His shadow by day and

Holding His right hand by night.


He sees my risings and my retirings,

He walks beside all my goings out and my coming ins,

I need fear no enemy or sudden disaster.


He is mine, I will not be robbed, for

He has formed me and chosen me

to proclaim His name with everlasting praise.


Today's Soul Snippet:

          "The road to happiness is paved with faithfulness in hardship."

Inspired Security is written from Ps 121 and Is 43:21