Your back's shadow?

Soul Snack 197/10 ... Your back's shadow?

Does sin still feel like it's glued to you, bonded with some sort of unshakable eternal resin? Does its hold feel as if there is no release?

Does sin feel like the hat on your head or shadow at your back?

Does it continues to grasp, entice and entangle?

Does it remain in your present and refuse to flee to your past?

Yet the sin that seeks to devour Jesus has already devoured.

While it seeks to hold on to you, the cross of your Lord means death to the power of your sin.

Father I am impotent and ignorant to know how to thank you fully for the work of your Son and the release from sin He has gained for me, yet still I just want to say THANKS and give my life afresh to you today. AMEN


... count yourselves dead to sin but alive to God in Christ Jesus. (Romans 6:11)


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