Shaking Satan

Soul Snack 35/13 ... Shaking Satan

Turn from evil and do good. ~ (Ps 37:27)

With the stealth of the silent bomber satan reverses this verse into a different instruction... turn from good and do evil!

Cunning is as native to satan as lying. Guile and deception are his bed partners.

Have you ever bought a shiny car to find three months later rust bubbling through?

Have you ever bought a quiet car to find a month later the muffler had been bandaged up?

Sin is both attractive and silent. It can look so wonderful and sound no warnings.

Satan is supernaturally skilled in presenting evil as good and sin as acceptable.

The sure walls for life's corridors are to know God's Word.

The firm foundation for the narrow road is to fear The Word's author.

The Bible is light to the inner-man and the fear of God light to his footsteps.

His Words are your helper and fear of the Divine your deliverer.

Today's Soul Snippet:

"Love & faithfulness meet together; righteousness & peace kiss each other." ~ Ps 85:10