Boundaries of the Soul

Soul Snack 183/10 ... Boundaries of the Soul

The soul inspires the body.

The soul drenches the person in feelings of well-being or captures the person with illness of the mind. Both actions direct the body's path and secure a state of life.

A soon-to-be King David sought safety in a cave, Elijah was driven to a cave and Moses was taken to the peak of Mt Sinai. All knew the extremities of life and the thirsts of their soul.

King David danced in his underwear, an old man called Simeon lifted his voice in praise to the Lord and the prophet Daniel would not be constrained in his devotions to God. All knew the delights of the soul.

It is in both extremities of the soul that God is met, and it is at these boundaries of the soul I learn and am released to knowing Him.

As the deer pants for the water so my soul thirsts for you (Ps 42:1)

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