Man's Speech

Soul Snack 46/11 ... Man's Speech

Children will grasp at even a fragment of a promise. With an innocent tenacity they will not waver in hope as they wait with naive expectation. They just trust the promise giver.

Recall the anguish of expression when the child realizes the promise has been broken; maybe even envision the droplets that well in their trusting eyes. Read the body language and reach out to those little sunken shoulders. Listen for the sniff that retains the tears and the gasp at lost goodness. Bleed with the tiny broken heart.

Is it not a child's congenital right to expect promises to be kept?

Is it not a child's unpolluted trust that is damaged by promises broken?

Is it not a child's faith that is injured by promises that fail?

Is it not a child's spirit that is wounded by disappointment?

Turn the clock forward ... you are no longer a child. Can you recall when good, worthy and desirable promises to you were surrendered? As an adult how do you still feel? Do broken promises still reveal a distress of your childhood?

Since the dawn of time man has made promises to God to invoke the Almighty. Since the dawn of time man has broken them - how does God feel?

Simply let your 'Yes' be 'Yes', and your 'No', 'No'; anything beyond this comes from the evil one. (Matt 5:37)

Soul Snippet:

War precedes worship. 1 Kings 5:3