Stealing Jesus - C

Soul Snack 9/197 ... Stealing Jesus - C

An iron splintered, red stained vertical piece of lumber, a mother in terror at the death of her son and a forlorn slight messiah, all cry loudly that living faith is no 'easy-believism' tailored to suit my more important theology and my mediocre spare time.

Captured for all time from Calvary is an all conquering plea. It is a conquest of the mind, body and spirit that correctly claims ... 'you no longer belong to yourself - you belong to ME, for you were bought at a price!'

In such a debt we all must humbly fall at the feet of an ancient near-eastern tool of gross torture.

This debt is far beyond repayment. It is secured in eternity and still costs the same today.

Across two millenia it has suffered no deflation, inflation or recovery from recession. This cost is still my all for His all. This is not cheap. It was not for Jesus, nor is it for me - but, it does completely release me from the bullying of my own self-will.

To understand my debt is protection from having Jesus stolen from my life.

"... you are not your own you were bought at a price ..." 1 Cor 6:19-20

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