Soul Sight

Soul Snack 117/11 ... Soul Sight

Those immortal words stirred not shaken were first spoken in 1956 by secret agent 007 in Ian Fleming's popular novel Diamonds Are Forever. This brief line explained the manner Bond preferred his martinis prepared.

Souls too can be stirred not shaken. The stirrings of the soul are claimants upon the entire person. They cajole or control, manipulate or manage and can disturb or delight. The soul can give very loud instructions. The person inside can readily dominate the person outside.

The soul is stirred by both noble themes and harsh realities. Such stirrings are certainly formed and then scaffolded through the treatment it has received, or the love it has learned.

God formed and then deposited within each human a soul -- a soul that was perfect and attuned to Him. Yet the perfect has become wounded in this world of war. Nobility stirs the soul now so infrequently when compared to indulgence for stirred souls have become shaken souls. The stirred soul also needs to become the audited one.

Each human received a God implanted soul. It is His image, His everlasting gift to men. All will listen to the demands of the soul, but will they first choose to respond to the commands of The Son?

God sees the instructions of my soul as well as the actions that I subsequently take.

I need to see my soul as God sees my soul ... this is Soul-Sight.

All my longings lie open before you, O Lord; my sighing is not hidden from you. (Ps 38:9)

Today's Soul Snippet:

God simply has no ability to betray His word, dismiss His promises, or weaken His resolve.