Troubling Temptation - B

Soul Snack - 28/10 ... Troubling Temptation - B

Temptation is at war with my soul.

Temptation is the seductive tapestry painted by he who seeks to be divine across the soul that is mine. It is bright, engaging and so very pleasing to my eye.

Temptation is a bottle of poison with a delightfully attractive label on it.

Understanding my temptation is to remove it's deceitful powers.

Temptation is to be tossed under the blood of the Lamb, buried deep under the red tainted soil at the foot of the cross.

Temptation is the seed of all despair, yet when it resisted really becomes the seed of fresh spiritual health.

It is from war that Jesus brings welcome. It is from resistance that He releases repair.


"And we know that in all things God works for the good of those who love him, ... " (Rms 8:28a)

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