A Trilogy of Tenderness 2

Soul Snack 9/134 - A Trilogy of Tenderness - 2

Calvary's pain-pierced cries are not a call to a natural life! Neither does calvary bellow for an unnatural life! The call is issued while a tender blood stained, cup holding hand is extended containing the measure to a supernatural life.

Sealed upon the souls of the redeemed sinner is an irreversible forgiveness. This is a fact of eternal comfort and a heaven endowed condition of grace. This is the beginning of the supernatural life.

Tenderness is so sadly unnatural nor easy. The medium of tenderness all desire to receive but fewer desire to give. Living in tenderness is seeded in His tender cries from the cross. These supernatural cries traverse time and survive alive today for me.

His irreversible forgiveness is now mine. His tenderness is now for me to enjoy! Others may have not been tender or soft to me but this is the only way He knows how to act! It can also become the only way I know how to act.

Living in tenderness is both foreign and supernatural living.

Let your gentleness be evident to all. The Lord is near. Phil 4:5

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