The Thanks Tracks

Soul Snack 116/10 ... The Thanks Track

But thou art holy, O thou that inhabitest the praises of Israel. (Ps 22:3 ASV)

What an enlivening and rich reflection the Psalmist writes; our Lord lives in the praise of His people.

Little wonder is there then, that satan's deepest desire is to both rob God's people of His presence and to rob God of His accommodation?

When praise is hindered, when I refuse to or am unable to give God thanks, the joy of His closeness teludes eludes. Satan will always seek to show us reasons to give up on thanks and to draw us away from God. Absence from God is the presence of danger.

It is always to my benefit to give thanks to God at all times, to track His work of grace and good-will in my life. This keeps me close to Him. God lives in my praises and hence chooses closeness to me.

I keep Him close when I deliberately walk the thanks track.


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