Torturing God

Soul Snack 101/13 ...Torturing God

Has life collided with that point where you hunger to avoid it? 

Have you got a belly-ache from others belly-aching?

Has the pain-in-the-neck morphed into a permanent migraine?

Do rebellions, rejections and rudeness still sink the soul and puncture the spirit?

Do you desire to withdraw to the Alps, dwell in a humble seaside shanty or discover a desert cave (with power and running water)?

Maybe just hop on your Honda or hitch a caravan to the Chevy and simply travel to no fixed address? 

Is your soul distressed as Lot's was? He endured a totally evil city with his very troubled spirit - so too those who would seek God's righteousness these days.

You have endured so much for so many decades now ~ well done.

Stop and consider, no - dwell in prayerful devotion upon the feelings of our Father in Heaven. He still reels at my sin, rejection and rebellion - and yes it still comes.

Within the world He is denied and dishonored. Our Father is blamed for all distress and malevolence. His good is called evil, yet He is not the author of evil despite popular opinion.

This ill-will, these lies and shame He endures daily (each second) from the hands of His creation, the very love of His life.

The Lord is righteous in all His ways and loving toward all He has made. (Ps 145:17)

For countless generations (not a mere handful of decades) this doting Father has endured the protestations of His progeny. He still is tortured by His children; they have not stopped.

Pray to Him in loving devotion and defend Him to your fellow man, for it is the fabric of His being to not give as He gets. He would rather heal his protagonists than hurt them. He has not returned like for like.

Spare a thought and give a defence today for the Father of loving righteousness. Our pain has been brief - His pain has remained since Eden.

Today's Soul Snippet:

"A religion that gives nothing, costs nothing, and suffers nothing is worth nothing." ~ Martin Luther

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