The Tree of Trust

Soul Snack 158/10  ... The Tree of Trust

Hearts wax and wane on the tides of life. A heart subject to impulses and life's vagaries is not a heart to be envied or even retained. It is not a steadfast heart.

Steadfastness is the bond of the future secured in the present. It cries consistency, trust and reliability. Steadfastness is never subject to a better offer.

I want the macadam under my car wheels to not crumble.

I want the mortar between the bricks of my house to survive the driving storms.

I want the mailman to deliver my mail in rain, hail or snow.

I want steadfastness.

To be steadfast is to beam light into the darkness of acquiescence, and stand graciously firm in the storm of assault.

Steadfastness hammers fleeing feet to the floor, secures wandering minds to the love-torn Cross and harnesses the heart of despair to the one full of love.

The seed of steadfastness falls into lives from the tree of trust.

You will keep in perfect peace
him whose mind is steadfast,
because he trusts in you. (Is 26:3)

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